Scalextric C272 Porsche 962 FromA

This Scalextric Porsche 962 model comes with magnatraction, working headlights and working brake lights.

Scalextric car C272 Porsche 962 FromA
Scalextric car C272 Porsche 962 FromA


This more unusual Scalextric C272 Porsche 962 From A model is complete with its wing mirrors, magnatraction and working lights.

Thoroughly cleaned and serviced this Scalextric C272 Porsche 962C From A model is fitted with new pick up braids and rear tyres. It has been track tested and runs extremely well with quiet smooth motor and gears. The magnatraction magnet is fitted. The window and interior mouldings are complete and have no cracks or other damage, the driver is present. The rear spoiler is present with no visible damage. The factory applied decals are unmarked and the body is has no scratches or other marks.

The new rear tyres are in good, grippy condition with no cracks or other damage.

This Porsche has hardly been used and is in perfect condition, they are very difficult to find in this condition. This Scalextric C272 Porsche 962 car will add significant value to any collection.


Working stop lights
Working head lights

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