Scalextric C3 Javelin

This is a lovely complete Scalextric C3 Javelin model

Scalextric car C3 Javelin
Scalextric car C3 Javelin


This lovely Scalextric C3 Javelin model is complete and rare to find in yellow.

Thoroughly cleaned and serviced this Scalextric C/3 Javelin model is fitted with new pick up braids, motor wiring, rear axle contrate gear and rear tyres. The car has been track tested and runs extremely well with quiet smooth motor and gears. This example is in good condition with all the parts present and correct. There are a couple of short cracks in the windscreen, see pictures. There is not a single scratch on the body and the new rear tyres give good grip.

This wonderful rare Scalextric C.3 Javelin model is a must for any serious collector. This car is ready to display or race and would add value to any collection.

Note: This is not a You Steer car. It has the correct blue can Raymond motor, the correct guide blade assembly and the correct die cast rear axle housing for the Scalextric C.3 Javelin model.



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