Audi Quattro 4x4

Unique silver colour theme and working four wheel drive

Scalextric car Audi Quattro 4x4 in silver
Scalextric car Audi Quattro 4x4 in silver


Unique to Scalextric Car Restorations.

The Audi Quattro has always looked fantastic in silver and this wonderful car is no exception. This Scalextric Audi Quattro has been thoroughly restored with a unique body colour theme completed to the highest standards

In addition to the above this Scalextric Audi Quattro has new pick up braids. It has been track tested and runs extremely well with quiet smooth motor and gears. The tyres are in good, grippy condition with no cracks or other damage and the four wheel drive is fully functional. All the various body moulding are present and correct including the wing mirrors.

The end result is a unique Audi Quattro model that looks extremely good and drives very well on the track.

Be the envy of your friends with this unique model



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