Scalextric and slot racing clubs


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Last updated 2nd August 2015



Almodeli Club slot
Aosta Slotters Association
Australian Scalextric Racing and Collecting Club
Autorennbahn Centre
AutoSprint Slot club
Bangkok Slot car club
Blue King Club
Bolwextric Ultimate Slot car
British Slot Car Racing
Chivenor Chicane Raceway
Club Racing slot goats
Dudley slot Car club
Dundee Slot Car Club
Ecurie Barton
Fosse raceway
Fylde Model Car Racing Club
Hamburg - SRIG Hamburg
Hamilton Model Car Club
Hawkes Bay Slot Car Racing Club
Home Farm slot Car circuit
London Scalextric Club
Luton Slot Car club
Manx model Car Racing club
Medway slot car club
Melton and District Model Club
Middleses & Herts Scalextric Club
Mussel Bay Scalextric club
North East Restoration Club Slots
North Staffs Scalextric Racing Club
Old Slot Racer
Ontario HO Racing
Op Zolder
Oxford Scalextric club
Pelican Park speedway
Pendle slot racing club
Phoenix Scalextric
Pinewood raceway
Posillipo Slot Club
Presto Park (Norfolk, UK)
Quorn slot Car club
Racer Rillen Odense
Raceway 81
Raven slot rally
RCT Valles Club Slot
Renncenter Ratzeburg
Rennes Slot Club
Rockingham Slot Car Club
Roedale Model Car Racing Club
rossendale Model Stock Car club
Scalex Sanremo
Slot Car Brasil
Slot club lagosanto
Slot Connection
Slotracers Ontario
Solent Slot Car club
Southend Slot Racing club
Tendring Scalex Club
United Slot Racers Association
Valley slot car racing
Viking Slot Car club
West London Scalextic club
Westhove Racing
Wolverhampton Scalextric
Worthing HO Racing





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