How to program a Digital Scalextric car


Set up the layout

Points to note when setting up your Digital Scalextric track:

  • Layout the the Scalextric track for clockwise racing.
  • The lane change track sections have sensors at one end of the beginning of the track section. The lane change sections should have the sensors in front of the lane change points bearing in mind that the cars are going to race in clockwise direction.
  • Once you have the Scalextric track sections together, plug the Digital Scalextric controllers into the connectors on the 4 car digital power base.
  • Finally plug the power transformer into the right hand side of the 4 car digital power base. The green LED should light up indicating that the Scalextric track has power.

Programming your Scalextric Digital cars

  • Warning: do not put standard analogue Scalextric cars onto a digital track. There may be permanent damage to either the cars or the power base.
  • Make sure that there are no cars on your Digital Scalextric track layout.
  • Take the car that you want to programme and place it on the track section attached to the 4 car digital power base.
  • Place the car in the slot on the track. Pause for 2 seconds to allow the car to communicate with the power base. Push and hold the button down on the top of the power base which goes with your controller.
  • The green light on the 4 car digital power base will flash two times. Once it stops flashing release the button and your car is now programmed to that controller.
  • To confirm this, gently squeeze the digital throttle trigger and the car should move forward.
  • Repeat for your other cars keeping in mind that any time you program a car, all other cars must be removed from the track.