Scalextric car maintenance instructions and service sheets

Last updated: 01 July 2017

Maintenance instructions for C/3 C/4 C/15 C/16 C/17 C/18 C/19
Maintenance instructions for C/7 Mini Cooper
Maintenance instructions for C.050 JPS Lotus 72
Maintenance instructions for C/54 C/55 C/58 C/60 C/61 C/62 C/64 C/65
Maintenance instructions for C/56, C/57, E/1 and E/2
Maintenance instructions for C/66 C/67 C/72 and C/73
Maintenance instructions for C/74 and C/75
Maintenance instructions for C/76 Mini Cooper
Maintenance instructions for C/77 C/78 C/79 C/80
Maintenance instructions for C/81 and C/82
Maintenance instructions for C/87 C/88 C/89 C/90 C/91 C/92
Competition Car Lighting Circuit - E/1 and E/2
Lighting Instructions - Grand Touring Cars (E/3, E/4 and E/5)
Maintenance instructions for Stox cars, Mini Banger cars and Police Rover cars
Maintenance instructions for power sledge cars
Service sheet - Super Racing System (SRS) cars
Service sheet - oiling and pick up braids 1980s
Service sheet - guide blade assembly 1990s
SS03 Rally Mini Cooper
SS04 Powersledge cars
SS05 Javelin, Electra, Mirage, Ferrari P4, Miura, Ford 3l, Porsche 917 and Team Car
SS06 Cougar Sports and Scaletti Arrow
SS99C Open body F1 cars
SS100 Saloon cars
SS101 GT cars
SS102 Formula 1 cars
SS124 Motorcycle sidecar
SS125 Ford Escort Mk 1 and Porsche 935
SS127 Super Stox
SS128 Bentley and Alfa Romeo
SS142 Formula 1 with Turbo flash
SS143 Porsche 911
SS144 Jaguar XJ8 and Porsche 962
SS148 Car Spares
SS150 Ford Benetton and Tyrrell 018
SS151 Ford RS Cosworth
SS152 Sauber Mercedes
SS153A Ford Escort XR3i
SS154A Lamborghini Diablo lights
SS156 Single Seaters
SS157 Single Seaters
SS158 Metro 6R4
SS159 Horses and Turtles
SS160 Ferrari F40
SS161 Ferrari 643 F1
SS163 Mini Cooper, Ferrari P4 and Ford 3L
SS164 Vanwall BRM
SS165 Ferrari 312B and Tyrrell Ford 007
SS166 Ford Fiesta XR2i
SS167 Jaguar XJ220
SS300C F3 Low nose cars
SS301B Single Seat Racers
SS302B Opel Vauxhall Calibra
SS303B Lamborghini Diablo
SS304B BMW 318i
SS305B Jaguar XJ220
SS306B Ferrari F40
SS307B Opel, Vauxhall Vectra
SS308B Porsche 911
SS309B Benetton 193 and Williams Renault FW15C
SS310C McLaren Mercedes MP4 10
SS311B Sauber Mercedes
SS312B Racing Trucks
SS313B Alfa Romeo 155 and Renault Laguna
SS314B Ford Escort Cosworth
SS315B Porsche 962C Wild 360
SS316B Renault Megane
SS317B Ford RS Cosworth Police Car
SS318B Jordan 197
SS319 Mercedes C Class
SS320C F3 F1 high nose cars
SS321B Ford Mondeo
SS322B Toyota Corolla
SS323B Subaru Impreza
SS324B Audi A4
SS325B Williams FW20
SS326C TVR Speed 12
SS327 Ferrari 643
SS328 Mini Cooper
SS329C Porsche GT1
SS330 Benetton 193
SS331D Nascar
SS332 Mercedes GT1
SS333 Renault Laguna
SS334E Ford Focus early
SS335D Caterham 7
SS336B VW Beetle
SS337C Cadillac Northstar
SS338D Porsche 911 GT3
SS339B Opel V8 Coupe DTM
SS340B Ford Taurus
SS341B Williams F1
SS342C McLaren MP4 16
SS343K Mustang
SS344G Chevrolet Camaro
SS345C Mitsubishi Lancer
SS346I GT40
SS347C MG Lola
SS348 Toyota F1
SS349 Mercedes DTM
SS350B Opel Astra
SS352B Subaru Impreza
SS353C BMW Mini Cooper
SS354D Indy car
SS355 Police car
SS356C TVR T400 R
SS357 Renault F1
SS358 Chevrolet Corvette
SS359C Williams F1
SS360A Lister Storm
SS361C Moto GP
SS362 Torino
SS363B Vanwall
SS364C Maserati 250F
SS366C Skoda Fabia
SS367E Renault F1
SS368C Dodge Viper
SS369B Audi Boxster digital
SS370B Maserati Trofeo
SS371F Ford GT
SS372E Maserati MC12
SS373 Williams Digital F1
SS374B Renault Digital F1
SS375B Batmobile
SS376E Porsche 911 GT3R
SS377C Mini Cooper
SS378B Peugeot 307
SS379C Nissan Drift Car
SS380D Ferrari F1
SS381B Cooper Climax
SS382C Ferrari 156
SS383B Mercedes Benz SLR
SS384 Porsche 911 GT3R digital
SS385 McLaren MP4 16
SS386J Ford Escort Mk1
SS387 Audi Boxster
SS388 Moto GP BSB
SS389E Aston Martin
SS390F Ferrari 330 P4
SS391B A1 grand prix
SS392 Toyota Supra
SS393B Honda NSX
SS394B Chevrolet Corvette
SS395B Nissan 350Z
SS396 Opel Vectra
SS397 Ford Taurus Chevrolet
SS398B Ferrari F1 Digital
SS399 A1 digital
SS400 Mercedes F1 safety car
SS401D Seat Leon WTCC 1
SS402B Honda F1
SS403 Mercedes CLK Digital
SS404E Jaguar performance XKR 1
SS405D Mclaren M23
SS406 Ferrari 312T
SS407 Maserati MC12 Digital
SS408 Nissan Skyline
SS409B Range Rover police car drift
SS410B Range Rover
SS411D Ford Focus
SS412D Ferrari F430 GT2
SS413F Lamborghini Gallardo
SS414C Lamborghini Drift
SS415 McLaren Mercedes MP4 21
SS416B Chaparral 2F
SS417C Porsche RS Spyder
SS418B Ferrari 375
SS419D Ferrari F430
SS420G Classic Mini
SS421 Subaru Impreza WRC 2006
SS422C Mercedes 300 SLR
SS423 Honda F1 Digital
SS424 McLaren MP4 21 Digital
SS425D BMW 320i
SS426E Porsche 997 GT3 RS
SS427B Lotus Type 49
SS428B Eagle Westlake
SS429D Ford Mustang
SS430 Audi R10 TDK
SS431D Aston Martin DBS
SS432 alfa Romeo 159
SS433C Ford Lotus Cortina
SS434 Porsche 997 GT3 RS Drift
SS435 Ferrari F430 Drift
SS436 Mclaren Mercedes MP4 21 DPR 2
SS437C Mini Cooper DPR
SS438C Aston Martin DBR9 DPR
SS439C Peugeot 908 HDI FAP
SS440B Jaguar XKR GT3
SS441D Chevrolet Camaro DPR
SS442 Lamborghini Gallardo police car
SS443B Ferrari 308 GTB
SS444 Ferrari 250 GTO
SS445 Chevrolet Nascar DPR
SS446 Cinquecento
SS447 Nissan GT R Drift
SS448B Nissan GT R DPR
SS449 Mclaren MP4 7 1
SS450B Williams FW14B
SS451C Holden L24 Torana
SS452 Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren 722 GT DPR
SS453D Dodge Charger 1
SS454 Ferrari F430 Digital 1
SS455D Audi R8 LMS GT3
SS456 Brawn GP 1
SS457D Start Rally Cars
SS458 Start Single Seater Car
SS459 Start Endurance Cars
SS460 McLaren MP4 25
SS461B Subaru Impreza police car
SS462 Ferrari F60
SS463C Aston Martin DB5
SS464 Aston Martin Lola
SS466 Mercedes GP Petronas
SS467C McLaren MP4 12C
SS468E Ford RS 200
SS469 Disney cars Francesco
SS470 Disney cars Lightning
SS471D Bugatti Veyron
SS472 Ford GT-R
SS473B Volkswagen Beetle
SS474C Corvette C6R GT2
SS475 Jaguar D-Type
SS476C MG Metro 6R4
SS477 BMW Mini Countryman WRC
SS478 Chevrolet Camaro GTR
SS480 Ford Fiesta
SS481B Lotus Renault GP R31
SS482B Ford Falcon XB
SS483C Lotus Evora GT4
SS484C McLaren MP4 12C GT3
SS485 Demolition Derby
SS486B Ford Escort MkII
SS487B Lamborghini Aventador
SS489 Dodge Challenger
SS490A Audi Sport Quattro
SS494 Monster Trucks
SS496 VW Camper Van
SS499B Bentley Continental GT3
SS502 Maserati Trofeo
SS503 Lotus Exige
SS507 Ford Escort Mk1 DPR
SS508 McLaren P1
SS509 BMW Z4 GT3
SS510 Aston Martin Vantage GT3
SS511 BMW 125 Series
SS512 Honda Civic