Spacer for vintage Scalextric axles

This spacer can be used on many Scalextric cars - set of 10

Scalextric axle spacer


This Scalextric spacer is an excellent replacement for the original brass vintage Scalextric spacers used on the front axles of most of the Scalextric cars fitted with RX motors. They can also be used to replace the spacers on the later scalextric car front axles.

The spacers are moulded from black or green plastic, are 5mm long and are an interference fit on the Scalextric car axles. They can even be cut to length if required.


Set of 10 in black - £1.00

Set of 10 in green - £1.10


If you are not sure if this spacer required for your Classic Scalextric car then please contact us we can help you.
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