Scalextric fixing screw pack for Vintage French Aston Martin GT and Ferrari GT

Replacement body to chassis fixing screws (10 off) for French Scalextric cars

French Scalextric screw Aston Martin GT Ferrari GT


These Scalextric screws are replacements for those fitted to the vintage Scalextric cars listed below. These screws are used to secure the chassis moulding to the body moulding. Like the original screws these replacements are bright zinc plated with countersunk slot heads.

The pack contains 10 fixing screws.

These screws are for the Scalextric cars made in France.


Pack of 10 screws £2.00

Common applications


E3 Aston Martin GT
E4 Ferrari Berlinetta GT
E5 Marshal's car, Aston Martin GT
C63 Lotus 21
C68 Aston Martin GT
C69 Ferrari Berlinetta GT



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