Scalextric Ford Capri bumper, fender set

Car set of bumpers available in black and chrome

Scalextric Ford Capri bumpers and fenders
Scalextric Ford Capri bumpers and fenders


These Scalextric Ford Capri bumpers are direct replacements for the standard classic Scalextric items. They are available in black and chrome.


1 car set in black - £8.00

1 front bumper in black - £4.50

1 rear bumper in black - £4.50

1 car set in chrome - £9.50

Common applications


C117 Ford Capri 3.0l Black
C300 Ford Capri 3.0l Chrome
C326 Ford Capri 3.0l Black
C2059 Ford Capri green Black
C2060 Ford Capri blue Black



If you are not sure if these bumpers are for your classic Scalextric car then please contact us we can help you.
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