Scalextric driver's head for Hong Kong made Scalextric cars

This driver's head was used on vintage Scalextric cars from the early 1960s to the 1970s

Vintage Scalextric driver head


These Scalextric heads are direct replacements for those fitted to the vintage Scalextric cars listed below. They are finished to the highest standards and are complete with painted faces and goggles. Various colours are available:

Other colours are available on request


1 off unpainted - £3.55

1 off in blue - £4.50

1 off in green - £4.50

1 off in orange - £4.50

1 off in red - £4.50

1 off in white - £4.50

1 off in yellow - £4.50

Common applications


C77 Ford GT40 Race Tuned 1
C78 AC Cobra Race Tuned 1
C79 Offenhauser front engine Race Tuned 1
C80 Offenhauser rear engine Race Tuned 1
C83 Sunbeam Tiger Race Tuned - 1966 to 1970 1
C84 Triumph TR4A Race Tuned - 1966 to 1970 1



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