Scalextric heads for classic motorcycle and sidecar

These heads can be used on all the classic Scalextric motorcycle and sidecar versions (not B1, B2)

Heads for classic Scalextric motorcycle and sidecar
Heads fitted to classic Scalextric motorcycle and sidecar
1 vehicle set in black - £4.50

1 vehicle set in blue - £4.50

1 vehicle set in green - £4.50

1 vehicle set in red - £4.50

1 vehicle set in yellow - £4.50

Common applications


C238 Motorcycle Sidecar Racing Red Yellow
C239 Motorcycle Sidecar Yellow Flash Blue
C265 Motorcycle and Sidecar Texaco Blue
C269 Motorcycle and Sidecar Shell Red
C281 Motorcycle Sidecar red Red
C282 Motorcycle Sidecar green Green
C882 Power Rangers Zack & Kimberly Battle Bike Black / Pink
C883 Power Rangers Tommy & Trini Battle Bike Green / Yellow
C884 Power Rangers Jason & Trini Battle Bike Red / Yellow
C885 Power Rangers Billy & Kimberly Battle Bike Blue / Pink



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