Scalextric driver head and arms 1990s single seater cars

These driver heads and arms were used extensively during the 1990s for the Scalextric Formula 1 and single seater GT cars

Scalextric driver head and arms 1990s Formula 1
Driver head and arms in black - £1.99

Driver head and arms in blue - £1.99

Driver head and arms in green - £1.99

Driver head and arms in orange - £1.99

Driver head and arms in red - £1.99

Driver head and arms in white - £1.99

Driver head and arms in yellow - £1.99

Common applications


C125 Porsche 962 Fina
C142 Ford Benetton B193
C143 Williams Renault FW15C
C184 Minardi F1
C188 Porsche 962 Take Fuji
C194 Team Duracell Formula 3
C226 Williams Renault FW15C
C227 Williams Renault FW15C
C237 Ford Benetton B193 (1994)
C256 Porsche 962C Repsol
C272 Porsche 962 From A
C296 Porsche 962C R (Road)
C311 Texaco 500 single seat racer
C319 Ferrari 643
C356 Porsche 962C Toshiba
C369 Williams Honda FW11
C373 Lotus Renault 98T
C374 Williams Honda FW11
C402 Porsche 962C Omron
C410 Ferrari 643
C418 Jaguar XJR9 purple
C425 Lotus Renault 98T
C426 Williams Honda FW11
C430 Team Omega Securicor
C434 Lotus Honda Turbo
C436 Porsche 962C
C443 Jaguar XJR9
C444 Rothmans Porsche 962C
C447 Pennzoil 500 single seat racer
C457 Ferrari F1
C461 Ford Benetton B189
C462 Honda McLaren MP 4-4
C462 BMW 318i Westminster
C463 Porsche 962 Shell
C467 Ford Tyrrell 018
C485 Delara F1
C486 Porsche 962 Kenwood
C496 Alfa Romeo 155 Limited Edition
C522 Team Rahal Hogan Formula 3
C532 Benetton Renault B195
C533 Williams Renault FW15C No.5
C534 Team Pennzoil Formula 3
C559 Porsche 962C Synton-X 360
C560 Porsche 962C Texaco 360
C583 Benetton Renault B193
C584 Williams Renault FW15C No.6
C585 McLaren Mercedes MP4-10 No.7
C602 Jaguar XJR9 Unipart
C603 Jaguar XJR9 Jaguar Sport
C613 Team Navico single seat racer
C616 Team Simpson single seat racer
C630 Team EuroSport Formula 3
C693 Team Sally Ferries
C698 Team Avon Tyres
C2004 McLaren Mercedes MP4-10 no.8
C2011 Ferrari 643
C2012 Williams Renault FW15C No.1
C2016 Team Virgin
C2018 Team GQ single seat racer
C2074 Team Texaco
C2075 Team Kwik-Fit
C2079 Jordan Peugeot 197 No.11 Ralf Shumacher
C2080 Jordan Peugeot 197 No.11 Giancarlo Fisichella
C2095 Bridgestone F1
C2096 Minolta F1
C2106 Benetton Renault B193 FedEx No.8
C2112 Team Agip single seater
C2113 Team Avon Tyres
C2114 Benetton Renault B193 No 7 1997
C2115 Ferrari 643 No 6 1997
C2187 Benetton Renault B193 No10 1999
C2318 Team Firestone single seat racer
C2319 Team Shell single seat racer

Each part comprises the following:

  • Arms with body
  • Helmet with visor



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