Classic Scalextric spares - bayonet fit light bulb

This bayonet fit light bulb is for the classic Scalextric cars from the 1990s

Scalextric spares bayonet fit bulb


This classic Scalextric spares light bulb fits into the chassis of the Scalextric cars and illuminates the headlamps and the tail lights through light guides. Replacement Scalextric light bulbs without the bayonet fit moulding are also available.

Scalextric C8078


1 light bulb and moulding - £2.99

4 light bulbs and mouldings - £10.00

1 light bulb only - £1.49

4 light bulbs only - £3.99

Common applications


C136 Renault Laguna 1996 Livery
C535 Renault Laguna
C571 BMW 318i
C587 BMW 318i
C716 Ford Mondeo 100+
C2000 Opel Vectra ProMarkt
C2001 Vauxhall Vectra Vauxhall
C2002 Audi A4 BTCC 1996
C2005 Renault Laguna 1995 Livery
C2008 Audi A4 ADAC
C2010 Renault Megane Red Renault
C2029 Renault Megane Renault UK
C2034 Audi A4 REPSOL
C2045 Porsche 911 GT1 works livery 1997
C2076 Ford Escort RS Cosworth BP
C2078 Renault Laguna Elf 1997 Williams
C2081 Mercedes CLK LM works No 1 D2
C2082 Mercedes CLK LM works No 2
C2084 Vauxhall Vectra Master Fit
C2085 Opel Vectra Opel Motor Sport
C2086 Audi A4 ORIX
C2087 Audi A4 Talkline
C2088 Renault Megane Cup Super
C2089 Porsche 911 GT1 Konrad Motorsport
C2090 Ford Mondeo Shell
C2091 BMW 320i Teleshop
C2092 Porsche 911 GT1 BMS Scuderia Italia
C2094 Renault Megane Diac No 7
C2107 Audi A4 BTCC No 1
C2109 Mercedes CLK LM
C2118 Subaru Impreza
C2119 Toyota Corolla WRC
C2120 Opel Vectra Police car
C2121 BMW 320i Police car Polizei
C2130 Toyota Corolla
C2131 Audi A4 Euro Jever
C2144 Vauxhall Vectra Westminster No3
C2145 Renault Laguna Nescafe Blend 37
C2161 BMW 318i
C2163 Audi A4 Engen
C2165 Vauxhall Vectra TNT
C2166 Renault Laguna Nescafe Blend 37
C2167 Renault Laguna DC Cook
C2168 BMW 320i Castrol Italian
C2169 BMW 320i Fina
C2170 Ford Mondeo Works Team
C2172 Ford Mondeo Rapid Fit No.4
C2175 Ford Focus WRC Iridium
C2176 Ford Focus WRC Ford No.5
C2177 Subaru Impreza Stomil
C2179 Toyota Corolla WRC
C2183 Toyota Corolla V Rally
C2184 Toyota Corolla
C2188 Porsche 911 GT1 Team Champion
C2189 TVR Speed 12 Esso Ultron
C2190 Porsche 911 GT1 IBM
C2191 Porsche 911 GT1 PlayStation
C2194 TVR Speed 12 road trim
C2195 TVR Speed 12 race trim
C2196 Opel Vectra F1 Track Marshal
C2197 Opel Vectra F1 Paramedic
C2198 Opel Vectra F1 Fire Marshal
C2202 Porsche 911 GT1 100+
C2206 TVR Speed 12 Silver
C2209 TVR Speed 12 Demon Tweeks
C2229 Porsche 911 GT1 Paragon
C2233 VW Beetle Pirelli
C2234 VW Beetle Mobil 1
C2241 Toyota Corolla
C2254 Mercedes CLK LM
C2267 BMW 318i
C2276 VW Beetle Green Collector Special
C2299 VW Beetle
C2300 VW Beetle
C2301 VW Beetle Red Collector Special
C2303 Vauxhall Vectra Master Fit No8
C2309 Vauxhall Vectra BTCC 2000
C2310 Opel Vectra Opel Line
C2311 Ford Mondeo Rapid Fit No3
C2312 Toyota Corolla WRC
C2314 VW Beetle Cabriolet silver
C2315 VW Beetle Cabriolet blue
C2336 VW Beetle Ate Audax
C2337 VW Beetle Castrol
C2351 Ford Focus RS
C2356 TVR Speed 12
C2357 TVR Speed 12
C2421 Porsche GT1
C2422 Porsche GT1
C2427 Ford Focus
C2428 Ford Focus
C2449 Porsche GT1
C2476 Renault Megane
C2477 Renault Megane
C2535 Porsche GT1
C2536 Porsche GT1



If you are not sure if these Scalextric spares bulbs are for your classic Scalextric car then please contact us we can help you.
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