Scalextric spares white 5mm LED headlight kit for Scalextric cars

Scalextric spares white LED headlights for that Xenon headlight look

Scalextric spares white LED kit
Scalextric spares white LED kit fitted


This Scalextric spares white LED headlamp kit is excellent for Scalextric car headlamps. The white LEDs emit a white light similar to modern Xenon headlamps. The LEDs illuminate brightly just as the car starts to move.

This pre-assembled kit contains all that is required to give your car that Xenon headlamp look, simply make two electrical connections to the car and mount the LEDs! It's that simple, see the picture above where the 3mm LED headlamp kit is fitted to a Ford Escort Cosworth. The LEDs are fitted into the bulb holders in the rear of the light lens moulding. The small electronic module is secured to the chassis with adhesives pads (supplied). The 5mm LED headlamp kit is fitted in a similar way.

This Scalextric spares LED kit contains 2 white 5mm LEDs, wiring and the electronic module. Ideal for your Scalextric cars.


1 off kit - £8.00


Common applications

C288 Porsche Turbo 935
C289 Porsche Turbo 935
C407 Porsche 911
C427 Porsche Turbo 935
C428 Porsche Turbo 935
C431 Porsche 911, Dunlop
C434 Porsche 911, Shell
C466 Porsche 911
C118 Ford Escort Mk 1
C287 Ford Escort Mk 1 (Westwood Racing decals)



If you are not sure if these Scalextric spares LEDs are for your classic Scalextric car then please contact us we can help you.
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