Scalextric slot car parts Neodymium magnatraction magnets 25mm

Transform your slot car's performance with these upgraded Neodymium magnatraction magnets

Scalextric spares Neodymium magnet



Improved track performance with minimal effort.

These Scalextric spares Neodymium Iron Boron magnets have a gauss level which is typically 2 - 4 times higher than standard Alnico magnets. They are nickel-plated for improved corrosion resistance and appearance.

They are suitable for all slot cars; Artin, Ninco, SCX, Scalextric, SCX Scalextric, Tri-ang and many more.

These Scalextric spares Neodymium bar magnets are 25mm (1") x 7mm (1/4") x 1.5mm (1/16"). They are direct replacements for the standard magnets used on nearly all the scalextric cars from the 1990s.

Please see our Neodymium Magnet Safety Page for further information.

Our unique Magnet Downforce Calculator gives the magnetic attraction force for this magnet at given distances from the track. Ideal for locating the magnet.


1 off magnet £2.00

4 off magnets £6.00

Common applications


C123 Ford RS Cosworth Janspeed
C125 Porsche 962 Fina
C127 Lamborghini Diablo
C137 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth Police car
C142 Ford Benetton B193
C143 Williams Renault FW 15C
C169 Ford RS Cosworth, Monroe
C175 Ford RS Cosworth, Cortez
C184 Minardi F1
C188 Porsche 962C. Take Fuji
C189 Sauber Mercedes C9/88
C195 Ferrari F40
C203 Ford Escort Cosworth
C204 Ford Escort Cosworth
C256 Porsche 962C. Repsol
C257 Jaguar XJ220
C272 Porsche 962C, FromA
C280 Ford Sierra Cosworth, Duckhams
C283 Lamborghini Diablo
C290 Jaguar XJ220
C291 Ferrari F40
C296 Porsche 962R (Road)
C304 Porsche 962C
C309 Porsche 962C
C310 Ferrari F40
C311 Texaco 500 single seat racer
C330 C330a Porsche Carrera 911 RSR
C369 Williams FW 11
C373 Lotus Renault 98T
C374 Williams Honda FW11
C382 Jaguar XJR9. Castrol
C402 Porsche 962C Omron
C407 Porsche 911
C408 Ford Sierra Cosworth, Syntron X
C411 Lamborghini Diablo
C413 Porsche 911, 'Pirelli'
C418 Jaguar XJR9
C423 Ford Sierra Cosworth, Fina
C424 Ford Cosworth Mondeo
C425 Lotus Renault 98T
C426 Williams Honda FW11
C427 Porsche Turbo 935
C428 Porsche Turbo 935
C430 Team Omega Securicor
C431 Porsche 911, Dunlop
C434 Porsche 911, Shell
C434 Lotus Honda Turbo
C436 Porsche 963, Autoglass
C443 Jaguar XJR9
C444 Porsche 962C, Rothmans
C445 AEG Sauber Mercedes
C447 Pennzoil 500 single seat racer
C450 Ferrari F40 End
C451 Lamborghini Diablo red
C452 Lamborghini Diablo rear spoiler
C455 Ford Sierra Cosworth, Texaco
C456 Ford Sierra Cosworth, Firestone
C461 Benetton Ford F1
C462 BMW 318i Westminster
C463 Porsche 962c, Shell
C467 Tyrrell 018 F1.
C468 Sauber Mercedes C9/88
C469 Ford Sierra Cosworth, Shell
C471 Ford Escort Cosworth Barry Squibb
C482 Datsun 260Z red
C483 Jaguar XJ220C Endurance
C485 Delara F1
C486 Porsche 962C, Kenwood
C488 Racing Truck Silkoline
C491 Racing Truck Bardahl



If you are not sure how to fit this Scalextric slot car spares magnet to your car then please contact us we can help you.
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