Vintage Scalextric blue can Raymond Motor

This Raymond motor was used from the late 1960s though to the early 1970s

Raymond blue can Motor


Each vintage Scalextric Raymond motor is thoroughly tested at high speed and at race temperature to ensure everything is as it should be. The blue can motor bearings are given a light oil and a new pinion gear is fitted if required. New wires are soldered to the motor.

The motor assembly is complete and ready to go.



Common applications


C3 Javelin
C4 Electra
C10 Super Javelin Race Tuned
C11 Super Electra Race Tuned
C15 Ford Mirage Race Tuned
C16 Ferrari P4 Race Tuned
C17 Lamborghini Miura Race Tuned
C18 Ford 200 GT Race Tuned
C19 Scalextric Team Car
C22 Porsche 917 GT
C24 Team Car MkII
C28 Renault Alpine
C77 Ford GT40 Race Tuned
C78 AC Cobra Race Tuned
C79 Offenhauser front engine Race Tuned
C83 Sunbeam Tiger Race Tuned
C84 Triumph TR4A Race Tuned
YS103 Javelin You Steer
YS115 Ford Mirage You Steer
YS116 Ferrari P4 You Steer
YS117 Lamborghini Miura You Steer
YS118 Ford 200 GT You Steer



If you are not sure if this blue can Scalextric Raymond motor fits your car then please contact us we can help you.
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