Classic Scalextric pre wired Mabuchi motor assembly

This type of vintage Scalextric Mabuchi motor was used from the early 1980s to beyond 2000

Pre wired Mabuchi motor


These classic Scalextric Mabuchi motors are new.

Each Mabuchi motor is fitted with a new pinion gear, new wires are soldered to the motor. New pick up braids and fixing pins are fitted to the guide moulding. The long wire length version is suited to the Scalextric Datsun 4x4 trucks.

Ideal for those not electrically minded - simply clips into place


1 off with standard wire length £13.99

1 off with long wire length £14.35


If you are not sure which Mabuchi motor is required for your Scalextric car then please contact us we can help you.
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