Pre wired classic Scalextric Mabuchi E18 motor assembly

This type of Mabuchi E18 motor was used for the lorries from the 1980s

Scalextric Mabuchi E18 motor assembly


Each vintage Scalextric Mabuchi E18 motor is thoroughly tested at high speed and at race temperature to ensure everything is as it should be. The bearings are given a light oil and new wires are soldered to the motor. New pick up braids and fixing pins are fitted to the guide moulding.

The completed Scalextric motor assembly is complete and ready to go once the pinion gear is re-fitted.

Ideal for those not electrically minded - simply clips into place


1 off £10.00

Common applications


C301 Roadtrain Mobil Saudia Leyland
C302 Low Loader
C335 Roadtrain Parmalat
C370 Roadtrain T45 Team



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