Slot car racing spares high flexibility silicone wire

This silicone wiring kit contains enough wire for 5 Scalextric cars

Scalextric car spares - ultra high flexibility silicone wiring kit
Ultra high flexibility silicone wiring


This Silicone high flexibility wire is ideal for the ultimate in slot car track performance. Manufactured to be ultra flexible, this wire has 128 individual tinned copper strands and is coated in a flexible silicone insulator. It is ideal for connecting the braids fitted to the guide assembly to the motor. This wire is also a direct replacement for that used on the Scalextric SRS cars.

This wiring kit contains:

  • 500mm of black wire
  • 500mm of red wire

Wire specification:

  • Conductor area: CSA:0.25mm²
  • Conductor make-up: 128 strands of 0.05mm diameter copper
  • Current rating: 1.5A
  • External diameter: 2mm
  • Material primary insulation: Silicone
  • Voltage rating: AC:850V
  • Temperature range: -100C to +150C


Ideal for those after the ultimate performance !




If you are not if this Silicone wire is suitable for your car then please contact us we can help you.
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