Scalextric G2 Loop braids for vintage Scalextric cars

These NEW Scalextric loop braids were used in the early 1960s

Scalextric parts G2 loop braids
2 off (1 car set) - £9.00

10 off (5 car sets) - £35.00

Common applications


C54 Lotus 16 Early types
C55 Vanwall F1 Early types
C56 Lister Jaguar Early types
C57 Aston Martin DBR Early types
C58 Cooper Early types
C59 BRM P25 Early types
C60 D-Type Jaguar Type 1
C61 Porsche Spyder Type 1

The Scalextric spring plates are also available without the braids attached.



If you are not sure if these Scalextric spares are required for your vintage Scalextric cars then please contact us we can help you.
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