Scalextric spares C8420 guide blade with braid plate

Scalextric C8420 Sport+ guide blades are for Scalextric cars from 2003

Scalextric C8420 guide blade


These Scalextric spares C8420 sprung, round guide blades are for use as an upgrade or replacement part on your Scalextric cars fitted with the normal round guide blade system. The addition of a spring allows the guide blade to stay in contact with the track rail to help supply a constant electrical feed and thus keep the motor at the control of your finger-tips.

These Scalextric C8420 guide blades are part of the Sport + range of spares which provide everything you need to fine tune your Scalextric car to get the maximum performance from it on the track.

These Scalextric C8420 guide blades are sometimes referred to as G38 Scalextric guides.


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Common applications


These Scalextric guides are used on; A1 GP, Aston Martin DBR9, Chevrolet Corvette 2004, Chevrolet MonteCarlo, Ferrari 312T, Ferrari 330 P4, Ford Escort 2006, Ferrari F1 2005, Ford Taurus 2006, Honda NSX, Honda Racing F1, McLaren M23, Mercedes McLaren SLR, Nissan 350Z, Opel Vectra DTM, Seat Leon, Toyota Supra, Vanwall F1 Classic.

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If you are not sure if these Scalextric C8420 guides are required for your Scalextric cars then please contact us we can help you.
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