Guide blade upgrade kit for vintage Scalextric C74 and C75

Scalextric guide blade upgrade kit for the vintage Scalextric C74 Austin Healey 3000 and C75 Mercedes 190SL

Scalextric spares guide blade upgrade kit for C74 and C75
Scalextric spares guide blade upgrade kit for C74 and C75


This guide blade upgrade kit is a direct replacement for the original Scalextric G5 guide pin fitted to the cars listed below. The kit comes complete with:

  • Guide blade G30
  • Braids (fitted)
  • Braid pins (fitted)
  • Wires (fitted)
  • Motor electrical tags (fitted)
  • Guide adaptor bracket (moulded with Carbon Fibre reinforced black plastic)

The original guide pin fitted to these Scalextric cars cannot readily be used on modern track with crossovers, points etc. as the pin is small and the car can change lanes when traversing a crossover! This kit uses a later Scalextric guide blade which is needed to maintain the right direction of travel on modern track obstacles.

No soldering is required as this kit simply fits into place with only basic tools. The original car body and motor are used with no changes at all, which means the original guide pin can be refitted at any time to return your Scalextric car to it's original condition.

With this kit you can enjoy your original Scalextric Austin Healey 3000 and Scalextric Mercedes 190SL models on later Scalextric Classic track and even new Scalextric Sport track layouts.

The original guide pin is sometimes referred to as G5.


1 off guide kit - £6.99

Common applications


C74 Austin Healey 3000
C75 Mercedes 190SL
C75 Mercedes 190SL Sports 007 set
C93 Austin Healey 3000 Race Tuned
C94 Mercedes 190SL Race Tuned



If you are not sure if this Scalextric guide blade kit is required for your vintage Scalextric cars then please contact us we can help you.
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