Scalextric spares C8329 guide blade assembly with braids and wires

Scalextric pick up is a replacement for all Scalextric cars fitted with the round G38 guide assembly

Scalextric spares round guide blade assembly G38 complete


These Scalextric spares round C8329 guide assemblies can be used as replacements for all the cars fitted with the round plate G38 guide (not suitable for the Scalextric Start range of cars). They come complete with

  • C8329 guide moulding
  • Fixing screw
  • G38 round pick-up plate with braids
  • Metal contacts
  • 2 off 115mm (4 1/2 inches) of silicon high flex wire to reach the motor

The Scalextric pick up assembly is screwed to the chassis (screw supplied) and the wires can be soldered to the motor tags. The wires are long enough for all applications of the G38 round guide assembly.


1 off - £6.49


If you are not sure if this Scalextric G38 guide assembly is required for your car then please contact us we can help you.
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