Scalextric blue guide blade assembly with braids

Scalextric guide blade assemblies are for Scalextric cars from 2000 on

Scalextric pick up assembly G37


These Scalextric spares pick up assemblies is a replacement for the later Scalextric cars used from 2000 through to 2004. The latest versions of these guides are in black.

These Scalextric guide blades are sometimes referred to as G37 Scalextric guides.


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Common applications


These Scalextric guides are used on; Cadillac Northstar, Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Corvette 2003, Dallara Indy Car, Ford GT40, Ford Mustang, McLaren F1, Mercedes CLK, MG Lola, Mini Cooper, Mitsubishi Lancer, Opel Astra, Porsche 911 GT3R, Subaru, Toyota F1, early BMW Mini Cooper and Williams F1.

C2258, C2259, C2262, C2263, C2268, C2274, C2274W, C2275, C2334, C2335, C2338, C2338W, C2339, C2339W, C2340, C2341, C2354, C2355, C2362, C2364, C2364WL, C2365, C2366, C2367, C2391, C2392, C2394, C2399, C2400, C2401, C2402, C2403, C2404, C2412, C2414, C2415, C2416, C2417, C2418, C2424, C2426, C2436, C2437, C2442, C2443, C2455, C2456, C2461, C2462, C2463, C2464, C2465, C2474, C2475, C2480, C2481, C2482, C2483, C2484, C2484WL, C2485, C2485WL, C2492, C2494, C2495, C2498, C2502, C2503, C2508, C2509, C2515, C2516, C2517, C2518, C2526, C2527, C2528, C2538, C2539, C2540, C2545, C2554, C2555, C2562, C2563, C2569, C2571, C2572, C2576, C2577, C2588, C2606, C2620, C2621, C2650, C2654, C2656, C2682, C2739, C2740, C2759, C2760.



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