Scalextric pins for pick up braids

These Scalextric spares pins are replacements for all the various versions used by Scalextric

Scalextric pins for pick up braids 1.75mm
Scalextric G30 guide blade assembly


These Scalextric spares silver coloured terminal pins have a barrel diameter of 1.75mm and were used throughout the 1990s and beyond. These Scalextric spares pins are used to secure the wires from the motor to the pick up braids on the guide assembly, see the guide pictured above. This Scalextric guide blade is sometimes referred to as G30.



Some of the earlier versions of the Scalextric G30 guide (pictured above) have suffered from natural material creep. This is where the plastic material has stretched over time. This means that these 1.75mm diameter pins will appear loose and in extreme circumstances come out under race conditions. In this situation the guide can simply be replaced with a new guide assembly or the larger 1.95mm diameter pins can be used.



Please note the latest supply of these Scalextric 1.75mm guide pins are natural brass in colour and not the traditional bright nickel plate as indicated above. Their function and performance is not affected with this change.


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