Aston Martin DB4 GT fine detail slot car resin body kit

New and complete resin body kit - build your own unique slot car with this wonderful kit

Aston Martin DB4 GT
Aston Martin DB4 GT slot car resin body kit
Aston Martin DB4 GT slot car resin body kit


This fantastic kit is suitable for use as the basis of a unique slot car or as a static 1/32nd scale model. The kit contains the following components:

  • Resin cast fine detail body
  • All the clear glass components
  • Interior moulding with driver head
  • Etched metal detail parts
  • Cast metal detail parts
  • Decals

This slot car body kit can be used with our range of slot car chassis kits to make a complete working slot car. This body kit is compatible with the 20mm diameter tyres, Road wheels, Minilite wheels, with and without Neodymium magnet.




The Aston Martin DB4 GT model was a development of the Aston Martin 212 car from 1962. Officially Aston Martin had retired from competition following the DBR1s victory in 1959 preferring to concentrate on the production of the DB4. However due to pressures from the dealer network who maintained that competition success assisted sales, David Brown gave way and authorized the building of three GT cars to enter Le Mans. The original design, DP212 was found to be fast, but very unstable at high speed. So, in 1963 the 214 cars appeared.

Similar in appearance to the 212 but with a Kamm tail added to help with the aerodynamics. The chassis was a standard DB4 GT, drilled for lightness, the body was made from 20 gauge magnesium/aluminum alloy and attached to a superleggera style frame, similar to the road cars. The engine was based on a DB4 GT unit, but over bored by 1mm to give 3750cc. It produced 310 bhp and gave an extra 11 mph over the 212, no doubt aided by the cut off tail. Suspension was standard but adjustable. These cars became the fastest ever front engine cars ever to race at the Sarthe with one of them being officially timed at 300 kph on the Mulsanne. The Aston Martin managers however, thought that the timing marks were not placed in the correct place and maintain that these cars probably touched 200 mph before braking at Mulsanne Corner.

The usual Aston Martin bull at the gate approach prevented these cars from proving their worth. Both cars retired at Le Mans in 1963, both with the same problem. Failed pistons. Their outings were few and usually ended with some mechanical problem or other. That years Tourist Trophy saw Innes Ireland battling with a car fitted with narrow rims, which upset the handling and made it impossible for him keep up with the Ferraris. Eventually he spun out taking John Surtees with him. The only win in the cars official factory backed history came at Monza where they beat the Ferraris on home ground. That year the Italian Grand Prix was supported by a GT race in which Roy Salvadori beat Mike Parkes in a 250 GTO, with the second 214 in third place. Again the cars were sold off to private racers at the end of the season.



This body kit requires advanced modeling skills and is intended for adult modellers. Some trimming and minor remedial work may be required.

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If you are not sure how to build this kit then please contact us we can help you.

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