Scalextric cellophane window for vintage Scalextric car box

This Scalextric cellophane window is for the vintage car boxes with the narrow cardboard top from the 1970s

Scalextric cellophane car box window
Scalextric cellophane window fitted to box


Unique to Scalextric Car Restorations this new Scalextric cellophane window comes complete with the necessary double sided tape applied. Simply remove the backing paper from the double sided tape and this cellophane window is ready to apply. No messy glueing required!!

This cellophane window is 183mm (approx. 7 1/4") x 132mm (approx. 5 1/4") and is for the NARROW box top, see image of box.


1 off - £1.99

5 off - £7.99


If you are not sure if this cellophane window is for your vintage Scalextric car box then please contact us we can help you.
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