New Scalextric large Super Slix tyres

These large Scalextric SuperSlix tyres were used extensively from the early 1970s into the 1990s (S.9747 S9747 C127-0710)

Available in standard grip and MAX Grip versions

Scalextric large Super Slix tyres


These new Scalextric large Super Slix tyres are direct replacements for the original tyres fitted to the classic Scalextric cars listed below. They are available in standard grip and MAX Grip versions.

The new standard grip tyres give great performance on the Classic Scalextric track yielding the grip we all seek. This increased grip is especially good if the classic Scalextric cars are used on the modern smooth Sport track.

The new hand made MAX Grip tyres are unique to Scalextric Car Restorations and give the absolute maximum in performance at all times. Cornering and acceleration will all be at their maximum with these tyres. They give the very best performance possible on all track surfaces at all times. Simply put we have not yet discovered a better tyre for grip and race performance.

The MAX Grip tyres are hand moulded from 29 Shore A hardness rubber which is a very high grip material.

The tyres are smooth treaded and have a smooth tyre sidewall.


Size (mm)
Outside Diameter
Inside Diameter
Overall Width


2 off standard grip tyres - £3.75

10 off standard grip tyres - £17.99

2 off MAX Grip tyres - £6.50

Common applications


C012 UOP Shadow   Rear
C023 Scalletti Arrow   Rear
C025 Ferrari 312 B2   Rear
C026 March Ford 721   Rear
C043 McLaren M9A   Rear
C047 Tyrrell Ford   Rear
C048 Tyrrell Ford 002   Rear
C050 JPS Lotus 72   Rear
C051 BRM P160   Rear
C093 Tyrrell Ford 007   Rear
C094 Ferrari 312B   Rear
C100 Knight Rider KITT Front Rear
C102 Wolf WR5 Team Talbot   Rear
C103 BRM P160   Rear
C104 Brabham BT44B   Rear
C105 Shadow U.0.P.   Rear
C106 Wolf WR5 - blue   Rear
C107 Wolf WR5 - red   Rear
C108 McLaren M23   Rear
C113 Triumph TR7 Front Rear
C114 Triumph TR7 Front Rear
C115 Porsche Turbo 935 Front Rear
C116 BMW 3.OCSL   Rear
C119 Porsche Turbo 935 Front Rear
C120 Brabham BT44B   Rear
C121 Tyrrell 007   Rear
C123 Shadow U.O.P.   Rear
C124 Ferrari 312T   Rear
C124 Porsche Turbo 935 Havoline Front Rear
C125 Porsche Turbo 935 Front Rear
C126 JPS Lotus 77   Rear
C127 McLaren M23   Rear
C128 BMW 3.OCSL   Rear
C130 Triumph TR7 Front Rear
C133 Wolf WR5   Rear
C134 Renault Turbo RS01   Rear
C135 Elf Tyrrell 008   Rear
C136 Ferrari 312 T3   Rear
C137 Ligier JS11   Rear
C138 Saudia Leyland Williams FW07B   Rear
C139 Parmalat Brabham BT49   Rear
C142 Rover3500 Front Rear
C143 BMW 3.OCSL   Rear
C147 Qudos racing car   Rear
C148 Kotzting racing car   Rear
C228 Qudos racing car   Rear
C229 Kotzting racing car   Rear
C232 Pennzoil lndy car   Rear
C233 Toshiba lndy car   Rear
C250 Pontiac Firebird Front Rear
C255 Pontiac Firebird Front Rear
C280 Rover PMG Front Rear
C281 Triumph TR7 red Front Rear
C282 Triumph TR7 black Front Rear
C283 Rover Triplex Front Rear
C284 Police Rover Front Rear
C285 Superstox stock car Stick Shifter Front Rear
C286 Superstox stock car Fender Bender Front Rear
C288 Porsche Turbo 935 Front Rear
C289 Porsche Turbo 935 Front Rear
C294 Triumph TR7 blue Front Rear
C294 Pontiac Firebird Front Rear
C295 Pontiac Firebird Front Rear
C295 Porsche Turbo 935 Front Rear
C296 BMW 3.OCSL   Rear
C301 Road Train Mobil and Saudia Leyland Front Rear
C302 Low Loader articulated lorry Front Rear
C309 Triumph TR7 Front Rear
C312 Superstox stock car silver Front Rear
C313 Superstox stock car gold Front Rear
C315 Police Rover Front Rear
C319 Racing Rig Front Rear
C320 Racing Rig Front Rear
C321 Triumph TR7 Spiderman yellow Front Rear
C322 Triumph TR7 Spiderman red Front Rear
C330 Rover 3500 Golden Wonder Front Rear
C330 Porsche Carrera 911 RSR Front Rear
C335 Road Train articulated lorry Front Rear
C336 Racing Rig Front Rear
C337 Racing Rig Front Rear
C340 Marshal's car Rover 3500 Front Rear
C350 Casio F2   Rear
C350 Gold Star F1   Rear
C351 Grand Prix International F3   Rear
C351 Exchange Services F1   Rear
C352 Watts Racing F1   Rear
C356 Track Ace   Rear
C357 Track Burner   Rear
C362 Police Patrol Rover Front Rear
C363 Porsche Turbo 935 Front Rear
C364 Porsche Turbo 935 Front Rear
C366 Porsche Turbo 935 red Front Rear
C370 T 45 Roadtrain Front Rear
C377 Tyler Autos F3   Rear
C378 Graves Engineering F2   Rear
C383 Pontiac Firebird Front Rear
C384 Rover 3500 Taurus Front Rear
C385 Deserra Sports   Rear
C386 Stone Avionics   Rear
C387 Superprix Truck Front Rear
C388 Superprix Truck Front Rear
C394 Porsche Turbo 911 Demon Tweeks Front Rear
C403 Pontiac Firebird Front Rear
C404 Pontiac Firebird Front Rear
C407 Porsche 911 Front Rear
C413 Porsche Turbo 911 Pirelli Front Rear
C427 Porsche Turbo 935 Front Rear
C428 Porsche Turbo 935 Front Rear
C431 Porsche Turbo 911 Dunlop Front Rear
C434 Porsche Turbo 911 Shell Front Rear
C437 High Tech single seat racer   Rear
C438 Automech racing car   Rear
C442 Team Pirrelli single seat racer   Rear
C453 Team Dodger single seat racer   Rear
C466 Porsche 911 Joker Front Rear
C472 Dunlop Fl   Rear
C473 Panasonic Fl   Rear
C479 Formula X BP   Rear
C487 Formula X Firehawk   Rear
C488 Racing Truck Silkoline Front Rear
C491 Racing Truck Bardahl Front Rear
C537 Racing Truck Texaco Front Rear
C538 Racing Truck Energizer Front Rear
C782 Team Kwik-Fit single seat racer   Rear
C783 Team Sparko single seat racer   Rear
C2014 Team Recaro single seat racer   Rear
C2015 Team QXR Duckhams single seat racer   Rear
C2070 Racing Truck Demon Tweeks Front Rear
C2071 Racing Truck Valvoline Front Rear
4020 Rover 3500 Police Spanish Front Rear



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