Scalextric wheel insert

This Scalextric wheel insert is used on Porsche 962 and Escort Cosworth Scalextric cars

Scalextric Wheel trim
1 off - £1.00

Common applications


C125 Porsche 962 Fina 4
C188 Porsche 962 Take Fuji 4
C203 Ford Escort Cosworth Ford Motorsport 4
C204 Ford Escort Cosworth Panasonic 4
C256 Porsche 962C Repsol 4
C324 Ford Escort Cosworth Shell Helix 4
C356 Porsche 962C Toshiba 4
C370 Ford Escort Cosworth Pilot 4
C402 Porsche 962C Omron 4
C436 Porsche 962C Autoglass 4
C444 Rothmans Porsche 962C 4
C463 Porsche 962 Shell 4
C471 Ford Escort Cosworth Barry Squibb 4
C486 Porsche 962 Kenwood 4



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