Scalextric wheel hub Ferrari GT Berlinetta

These wheel hubs were used during the 1960s on many Scalextric cars

Scalextric wheel hub


These remanufactured chromed wheel hubs were used during the 1960s on the Scalextric cars listed below.


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Common applications


C55 Vanwall
C57 Aston Martin DBR
C62 Ferrari 156
C68 Aston Martin DB5
C69 Ferrari GT Berlinetta
C87 Vanwall Race Tuned
C90 Ferrari 156 Race Tuned
C97 Aston Martin DB5 007 set
E2 Aston Martin DBR with lights
E3 Aston Martin DB5 with lights
E4 Ferrari GT Berlinetta with lights
E5 Aston Martin DB5 Marshal's Car



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