Scalextric rear wing for vintage C120 Brabham BT44B

Remanufactured plastic moulded rear wing for the Scalextric C120 Brabham BT44B

Scalextric rear wing C120 Brabham BT44B
Scalextric rear wing C120 Brabham BT44B on car


Unique to Scalextric Car Restorations this new plastic moulded Scalextric rear wing is a direct replacement for that originally fitted to the vintage Scalextric C120 Brabham BT44B cars. The rear wing is available in red and white.


1 off in red £3.99

1 off in white £3.99

Common applications


C Ref. Description
C104 Brabham BT44B
C120 Brabham BT44B
C148 Kotzting single seat racer
C229 Kotzting single seat racer
C438 Auto Mech single seat racer
C442 Team Pirrelli single seat racer
C453 Team Dodger single seat racer
C487 Formula X Firehawk
C782 Team Kwik-Fit single seat racer
C2015 Team QXR Duckhams single seat racer



If you are not sure if this classic Scalextric rear wing is for your car then please contact us we can help you.
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