Scalextric Car Restoration services

Scalextric Car Restorations offers a wide range of services for your Scalextric cars and layout.

Instructions on how to send your Scalextric car to Scalextric Car Restorations

Slot car restorations

We can restore your car for you. Rates vary depending on how much work is required and what standard is desired. Please contact us for full details of this service and note that a final quotation cannot be given until the car is inspected at our restoration facility.

To have your car serviced or repaired please contact us first and give the identity of your car(s) and the nature of the fault(s) as not all parts are available and not all faults can be repaired.

Slot car repairs and servicing

If your car has a fault or simply needs a good service then contact us for details of how we can help you. Note that a final quotation cannot be given until the car is inspected at our repair and service facility. We also put right badly fitted Scalextric digital chip installations and replace faulty Scalextric digital chips.

Repair of a Scalextric Subaru Impreza with a broken C8420 round guide blade

Magnetising ferrous block magnets

To maintain a healthy magnetic field strength the ferrous block magnet must be magnetised with the motor assembled. We have the equipment to do this. Completely "dead" magnets can be brought back to life and the magnetic field can even be reversed in just a second. Reversing the magnetic field will change the direction of rotation of the motor. We'll need the complete assembled motor or complete car to magnetise the motor magnet.

Only the ferrous block magnets as fitted to the RX motor, Powersledge motor and the Formula Junior motor can be magnetised in this way.

Slot car Digital conversions

Converting some of the older Scalextric cars to operate on the modern Scalextric Digital system can be very difficult as there is often no space to fit the Digital Chip. In addition to fitting the chip there may be other upgrades required in order for your car to operate at its best on the modern Digital track. These could include; motor upgrade, better grip tyres and magnatraction magnet.


We pride ourselves on fitting Digital chips so that there's no visible evidence; no cut bodywork, no visible wires and the body and chassis fit together perfectly.

Digital conversion of Scalextric Police cars requires specialist electronic knowledge if the lights and siren are to work afterwards. Take a look at the C2808 Range Rover Police car below to see how we do it.

Digital Conversion C3092 Lotus 49
Digital Conversion C398 Mini Cooper
Digital Conversion C2808 Range Rover Police
C.026 March Ford with Digital Chip
C.026 March Ford underside
C.026 March Ford
C2366 MG Lola with Digital Chip
C2366 MG Lola with cockpit fitted
C2366 MG Lola
Scalextric C3 Javelin
Scalextric C3 Javelin underside

How to convert your Scalextric car to Digital - C126 Lotus 77

Digital Conversion of the C3664A James Bond Aston Martin DB5

Slot car spare parts sourcing

Spare parts for some of the older Scalextric cars can be very difficult to source. Contact us with your requirements and we'll source the parts for you.

Scalextric assessment, valuation and reports

On occasion you may find yourself wanting to know much more about your Scalextric car or Scalextric collection. This could be for condition, originality or value. We can assess your Scalextric items and provide you with a formal professional report. Typical examples are:

  • Scalextric valuations
  • Scalextric damage assessment
  • Scalextric eBay dispute resolution
  • Scalextric purchase dispute resolution
  • Scalextric warranty claim assessment

Please contact us with your requirements and we'll provide you with a solution based on your specific requirements.

Slot car customisation

Full car customisation; colour, decals, wheels, motors, magnatraction, lights - we can do it all. Simply tell us what you want. Below are some examples:

Custom TR7
Custom Mini Clubman
Custom Ford Escort RS1600


For further details of all our services please contact us so that we can help you


Typical services and prices:
RX motor overhaul (brushes, braids, wires, suppressor)
Clean and service your car (no new parts)
  From £10.00
Supply and fit new pick up braids to your car (2 off)
Supply and fit replacement bulbs to your car (standard)
  £4.00 each
Supply and fit replacement bulbs to your car (high brightness)
  £4.50 each
Conversion of car to Scalextric Digital
  From £10.00 plus parts
Full car customisation; colour, decals, wheels, motors, magnatraction, lights - we can do it all


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