Polishing and cleaning pads for Scalextric track

These abrasive polishing pads are ideal for cleaning tarnished, dull and rusty Scalextric track

Scalextric track polishing and cleaning pads
The left hand half of this track has been cleaned with this polishing pad
1 off fine grade pad - £1.95

1 off medium grade pad - £1.95

1 off coarse grade pad - £1.95

1 off assorted grade pack (3 pads) - £4.99

Pack of 5 fine grade pads - £7.75

Pack of 5 medium grade pads - £7.75

Pack of 5 coarse grade pads - £7.75



Over time the bright metal plating on the surface of the Scalextric track rails will oxidise resulting in a rough and high electrical resistance surface. The high resistance will reduce the performance of any Scalextric car while the rough surface will cause increased ware to your Scalextric pick up braids. When stored in a damp environment the steel track rails can also start to rust forming the tell tail brown marks.

These polishing pads are abrasive and are ideal for cleaning your dirty, tarnished and rusty Scalextric track. These non-woven pads are re-useable and washable and are approximately 50mm x 100mm. Manufactured from a plastic fibre coated in an abrasive material there is no risk of producing a short circuit in the track in the way that wire wool or steel wool does.

The picture of the Scalextric track above clearly indicates how well these track polishing pads remove the tarnish and ageing from the Scalextric track rails caused by long term storage.

  • The grey fine grade is for regular use to remove dust, debris and light tarnish from the track rails.
  • The green medium grade is for use to renovate tarnished track, not for regular use.
  • The red coarse grade is used to renovate track rails with rust marks, not for regular use. Use the fine grade pad or medium grade pad after the coarse grade pad to complete the renovation of your Scalextric track rails.
  • The assorted grade pack contains one grey fine grade pad, one green medium grade pad and one red coarse grade pad.

Bring your Scalextric track back to life with these unique Scalextric track polishing pads from Scalextric Car Restorations.



If you are not sure if this polishing pad is for your Scalextric track then please contact us we can help you.
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