Scalextric spares power unit C918 C920 C922

This Scalextric transformer was used for many Scalextric sets from 1979 to 1995

Scalextric spares power supply C918 C920 C922



Supplied with many Scalextric sets from 1979 to 1995 this Scalextric C918, C920, C922 power unit supplies 13.5 Volts and is suitable to operate 2 Scalextric cars. An overcurrent protection device is fitted too.

Input: 240 Volt A.C.

Output: 13.5 Volt D.C.

This Scalextric transformer C918, C920, C922 has been fully tested including the overcurrent protection device and everything is in full working order. The terminal thumbscrews are present.

This particular example is fitted with a UK 13 Amp 3 Pin mains plug.


This Scalextric power supply has been functionally tested with no faults identified and is supplied as presented. Scalextric Car Restorations recommends this unit is inspected by a qualified Electrician before use. Scalextric Car Restorations accepts no liability for loss or damage caused by this unit.




If you are not sure if this Scalextric power supply is for your track then please contact us we may be able to help you.
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