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Vintage Scalextric cars, spares, parts, digital and track shop. Scalextric car repairs and servicing

Scalextric cars, parts, spares, digital and track online shop. Car repairs, Scalextric digital conversion and servicing.

Vintage and new Scalextric cars, parts, spares, slot cars, and track accessories from 1960 to the present day. All the Scalextric spares and parts you'll need to keep your vintage Scalextric cars and track layout in great working condition. Scalextric car restorations and services including Scalextric digital conversions are carried out to the highest standards with the highest quality parts available. Once restored, your vintage Scalextric car will be like new, maybe better.

Best selling parts
  Small Super Slix tyres, Mini & Escort Mk1
  Large Super Slix tyres, Porsche 911 & TR7
  Pick up assembly with braids (G30)
  Track cleaning pad set
  Pick up braids - high performance copper
  Lubrication oil (gears and bearings)
  Number decals, round and self adhesive
  25mm x 7mm x 1.5mm Neodymium magnets
  Pinion gear for motor (9z in white)
  Brass pins for pick up braids
  Slot car chassis kit
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Increase the life of your guide braids

Get smooth clean track rails with the track polishing pad

Bring your Scalextric slot cars track back to life with the unique track polishing pad
Only £1.95

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New Scalextric cars, parts, track and accessories
Scalextric cars
Scalextric parts
Scalextric track
Scalextric accessories
Scalextric Ford RS200 Antonio Zanini
Scalextric parts for sale
Scalextric cars track for sale
Scalextric accessories for sale
Vintage Scalextric parts - best offers
Large Super Slix tyres
Pre-cut number decals
Pick-up pins
Copper braids
Vintage Scalextric Large Super Slix tyres
Scalextric slot car self adhesive racing number decals - pack of 27 decals
Vintage Scalextric brass pick up pins - pack of 10
Scalextric slot car spares copper pick up braids - pack of 10
Your essential classic Scalextric and slot car service parts
Small Super Slix tyres
9z pinion gear
Pick-up assembly
Lubricating kit
Vintage SuperSlix small tyres - pack of 10 tyres
Vintage Scalextric motor pinion gear - 9Z
Vintage Scalextric G30 guide blade with pins and wires
Scalextric cars lubrication kit
Scalextric cars and spares - recent additions
  Scalextric Rover 3500 Scalextric car C129 March Ford 771 Scalextric C75 Mercedes 190SL Scalextric C78 AC Cobra  
  Scalextric C434 Lotus Honda 99T as raced by Ayrton Senna Scalextric Triumph TR7 Scalextric C15 Ford Mirage Scalextric 1986 Rallye Monte Carlo limited edition set  
  Scalextric C3739 BMW E30 M3 BTCC Scalextric Aston Martin DB10 - Spectre set Scalextric C382 Jaguar XJR9 Scalextric C4 Electra  
  Scalextric car C465 Batmobile car Scalextric C3781 Ford Sierra RS500 BTCC Scalextric C3520 Lotus Exige R-GT Scalextric Jaguar C-X75 - Spectre set  
  Tyres for the Tri-ang Jump Jockey sets Rear light lenses for Scalextric C68 Aston Martin DB4 and DB5 Trailing arm for a Scalextric March Ford 771 3rd axle C129 C131 Scalextric C68 Aston Martin DB5 windscreen windshield  
  Scalextric bulb for the E5 Marshal car roof light Tyres for the Airfix range of slot cars Vintage Scalextric car spares windscreen for B2 Hurricane Neodymium magnet  
Scalextric slot car Gift Vouchers
Vintage Scalextric £10.00 gift voucher
Vintage Scalextric £20.00 gift voucher
Vintage Scalextric £50.00 gift voucher
Vintage Scalextric £100.00 gift voucher
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The Scalextric Car Restorations gift vouchers are a great gift for the Scalextric and slot car enthusiast in your life and are great for Birthdays, Christmas gifts or just because you care. The gift vouchers can be used to purchase any items from Scalextric Car Restorations, from the earliest collectors cars right through to the current catalogue cars. All of the spare parts available and restorations services can be purchased with these Scalextric gift vouchers too.

The standard classic Scalextric cars section contains a great range of original Scalextric cars for sale, all for you to enjoy. The cars are from 1960 through to the present day, some of which are new and unused. All these cars are like new and worthy of your great collection. The scrapyard has plenty of unusual spares and cars.
In the unique cars section there is a limited offering of unique and thoughtfully modified Scalextric cars for you to purchase, modifications include, addition of headlights, magnatraction and high quality paintwork.
The MG Metro Challenge uniquely offers MG Metro Turbo cars for sale tastefully updated for this one make series. Modifications include; unique body finishes magnatraction and new decals.

Our contact section details our e-mail addresses, postal address and directions if you want to visit us in person. You can also send us an email with your questions.

In the unique library section you can view all the Scalextric cars produced from 1960 though to 2005. Each Scalextric catalogue from release 1 to release 46 is listed with the cars available. Each car is presented with its C number, description, picture and key attributes. You can search and browse for your specific vintage Scalextric car with the unique and truly powerful library car viewer. You can read our published articles in the Library and view the list of Scalextric and slot car racing clubs in your area. All the available Scalextric service sheets are available too. There's even instructions on how to program a Digital Scalextric car to a Digital Scalextric controller.

The Scalextric parts section contains all the Scalextric parts and spares you need for your Scalextric and slot cars. Scalextric slot car spares available include; axles and bearings, body to chassis fixings, plastic body kits, car body spares, decals, digital Scalextric chips, car box parts, driver heads, gears and belts, guides and pick-up parts, lights; LEDs and bulbs, magnatraction magnets, motors, race and tune up parts, service and tools, Scalextric tyres (tires), wheel hubs, windscreens and wings and spoilers. Alternatively you can search for the spares and parts you want. Many of these Scalextric parts are suitable for other slot cars; Artin, Ninco, SCX, Scalextric, SCX Scalextric, Tri-ang and many more. There is also a range of Airfix tyres, MRRC tyres, AUTOart tyres, Carrera slot car tyres and the Tri-ang Jump Jockey set are available. There are also a few automotive parts available including fuel cap retaining straps.

If you need tyres then the unique vintage tyre finder tool is the best there is for identifying the tyres for your car. This makes finding any tyre as easy as possible. There is also a tyre maintenance page that allows you to ensure your spare tyres are at their best for any race.

The post and packing section details the costs and postal services offered. You can review the postal regions separately too.

If you are unsure about the restoration or service of your vintage Scalextric cars then take a look at the services section. Here is listed the typical services we can offer for the less technically minded, from a simple repair to your classic Scalextric cars or a minor service through to a full restoration, we can do it all for you. Also listed are links to the clubs for the full sized cars.

In the Scalextric slot cars track section there are Scalextric classic tracks, Scalextric Sport track pieces, Scalextric track maintenance, Scalextric track accessories Scalextric power supplies and controls and Scalextric model people figures available to purchase.


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