Vintage Scalextric spares maintenance instructions for C/3, C/4, C/15, C/16, C/17, C/18 and C/19

This maintenance instruction sheet is for the cars with the Vintage Scalextric Raymond motor

Vintage Scalextric spares service sheet


Complete your restoration with this car service sheet. Printed in both English and Francais this Vintage Scalextric spares maintenance instruction sheet is for the cars listed below and was included in the boxes with the new car.

  • C/3 Javelin Sports
  • C/4 Electra Sports
  • C/15 Ford Mirage GT
  • C/16 Ferrari P4 GT
  • C/17 Lamborghini GT
  • C/18 Ford 200 GT
  • C/19 Scalextric Team Car

There are instructions on:

  • Running in
  • Maintenance
  • Pick-up maintenance
  • Pick-up adjustment
  • Guide blade replacement
  • Commutator brushes
  • Gearbox
  • Lubrication
  • Spares and servicing
  • Factory tests
  • Television

This Vintage Scalextric maintenance instruction sheet is a must if you wish to keep your car in top performance. They are as the originals, printed on plain white paper. The image above does not represent the actual quality of the car service sheet, this service sheet is just like the original.


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If you are not sure if this vintage Scalextric service sheet is required for your car then please contact us we can help you.
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