Replacement of a damaged Scalextric round guide blade

Scalextric Subaru Impreza

This Scalextric Subaru Impreza was in good overall condition except for a damaged round guide blade and a broken braid contact plate.

The lights all worked as did the 4 wheel drive system.

From the underside of the Scalextric Subaru Impreza the damaged round guide blade and missing contact plate can be seen.

The 4 wheel drive belt can also be seen on the left of the picture just on the inside of the wheel.

Damaged Scalextric round guide blade
Inside of the Scalextric Subaru Impreza

With the body of the Scalextric Subaru Impreza removed the motor, lights PCB and guide fixing screw can all be seen. Also, the broken guide contact plate can be seen on the end of the wire.

Here the broken Scalextric guide blade contact plates have been removed. along with the broken Scalextric round guide blade.

The wires have been prepared to solder to the replacement contact plates.

Broken Scalextric guide blade
Replacement Scalextric contact plates fitted

The replacement contact plates for the round guide blade have been soldered to the original Scalextric wires. You can also see the replacement Scalextric C8420 round guide blade, braid disc, fixing screw and with this car a small spring that fits on the guide shaft.

The replacement contact plates have been fitted to the replacement Scalextric guide blade.

These Scalextric Car Restorations replacement guide blade contact plates are stronger than the original Scalextric items as they are manufactured from thicker material.

Scalextric contact plates fitted
Scalextric Subaru repaired

This is the inside of the repaired Scalextric Subaru Impreza. The replacement Scalextric C8420 round guide blade has been refitted with its spring and screw. The round braid plate has also been fitted.

We took the opportunity to clean away all the fluff and dust that was inside too. Then a few drops of light lubricating oil and some grease on the gears.

This Scalextric car is good to race once again.


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